Try to bring someone, preferably a young boy or a kid who is about seven years old to Legoland. He or she will definitely prefer to visit a place like it rather than having a big party for a birthday celebration. It’s a great place really filled with childlike happiness in every corners of the park. Legoland is a place for the young and the young at heart.

We had such an awesome time since there were only a few people and that enabled us to fully enjoy everything that Legoland has to offer.  I therefore urge you to visit during non-peak season and weekdays where there are less visitors and lines are not that long.

Legoland Malaysia is a theme park and water park combined. The first of its kind in a fact.  It was built in 2012 in Johor Malaysia.  They also have a hotel where you can stay should you wish to spend two days or more exploring the place.

It is primarily a park made for kids.  So expect a lot of activities and rides that are child-friendly.  What I like about Legoland Malaysia is that most of their activities are interactive, enhances your child’s creativity and pushes their abilities to the limits.  The theme park has seven themed areas.  They are:

  1. The Beginning: This is where the famous Lego arch can be seen.  There’s not much to see except for some retail shops like the Big Shop where you can have some retail therapy.
  2. Lego Technique: The technique part of the park highlights Project X rollercoaster. No, this is far from those crazy ones where you feel lay being thrown up in the air.  It’s a normal sized rollercoaster, no loops except for sharp turns to the left and to the right.  But don’t worry; even my 7yr old son had a great time riding this one!    But what really got my son excited was the Mindstorms Academy.  It’s an indoor setting where you program Lego robots and make them compete with one another!  Plus there’s Einstein’s face on the front entrance, which for me is one of the nicest one among the many stuff, made of Lego found in the park.  This is where you find Wave racers as well.  A carousel like ride, except that you don’t have horses but pods that spin around and water comes flashing on you.  Its fun and worth a try.
  3. Lego Kingdom: It’s like entering into medieval times, so elements of swords, knights, castles and even dragons are all so obvious. Even the music, you will hear a lot of haps and lutes.   You will see Forestmen’s hideout, a nice playground if you have toddler with you whom I am sure will enjoy running around.  The main castle houses the Dragon rollercoaster.
  4. Imagination: I think this is the most colorful, juvenile looking part of the park.  And as the name suggests this is where you will find Build and Test where children are made to think and imagine.  One of the activities my son was fond of was the one where you build the tallest and strongest tower made of Duplo.  After which, an earthquake simulation takes place to test your structure.  Only the best and well thought of tower of course can stand this test.  There’s also the Observation Tower where you get to have a view of the entire Legoland Malaysia.
  5. Lego 4D Cinema: You watch a Lego short film coupled with effects that comes from a 4D experience. Just like the real thing with the 4d Glasses on!
  6. Land of Adventure: Features the expeditions of Johnny Thunder in the desert, jungle and Dino Island.  There’s an Egyptian part where you see the Pharaoh sculpture.  The Dino Island is a massive structure where you ride a boat and go slowly upwards only to spiral downwards with a big water splash.
  7. Lego City: This is where you will find the Market restaurant, which I find kind of expensive.  The Lego City Fire Rescue Academy where you can act out as actual firemen and put off fire of a burning building.
  8. Mini-land: the most fascinating part for me and my husband. This is where you see jaw-dropping structures and displays made of Lego bricks.  It has a very Asian feel as it pays tribute to the popular landmarks in Asia.

Any child should be encouraged to think and to think a lot and enhance their imagination to keep them smart and stimulate their mind most of the time. It also brings the excitement of seeing colors wonderfully in a cheerful way where they can actually convert it to their thoughts and moods.

Inside the Legoland Malaysia theme park you can also try to check out the place called “Build & Test” where you can build any structure you imagine and see if your construction will stand the mighty earthquake simulated by the park. You will definitely see ‘your’ or rather I may say ‘our’ future Engineers on that park and that is really amazing! Simple joys while your kid exercising creativity.

So it is a Five Stars for Legoland Malaysia and its creators in bringing in family together. Totally “A” for their effort and a true visionary of learning is what I can say. So probably by now you are thinking how to get there right?

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